Our lenders allow us to accommodate any credit rating and serve any customer that meets the base mortgaging standards. Depending on your general circumstances, available income, and supportable assets, we will determine the best rate option for your needs in consideration with demands of your lifestyle.

The most familiar loans that we offer here at Florida Preferred Mortagage are:

Conventional loans

This loan option comes with a range of rates but is mostly conformed to accommodate good credit ratings. Usually there will be a 3.0% down payment required to procure this option, but it´s also a great option for refinance or an actual cash-out procedure.

Fha loans

These loans come with a range of rate options available from our lenders. This is the ideal option for any first time buyer or people with lower credit ratings. There is also a 3.5% down payments required to secure this option.

non-conforming mortgage

With a fixed rate, this option will also accommodate people with low credit scores as well as investors that are purchasing property or refinance what they currently hold.

Va loans

This particular form of loan option is strictly for veterans who maintain a good credit scoreonly. It is100% finance so there will be no initial procurement fee.